How does staking on Steakwallet work?

Last updated on May 5, 2022

Stake within 3 taps

Staking has historically been a major pain for users. Current staking methods have many drawbacks:

  • The staking process is complex.
  • Staking different assets require different processes.
  • Using centralized staking solutions means forgoing full custody over one’s assets.

The self-custodial Steakwallet makes multi-chain staking extremely easy and fast. The complexity of staking is abstracted away and translated to 3 simple taps on your mobile device. It has never been easier to stake your tokens with the help of Steakwallet 🥩 !

How it works

Steakwallet provides staking service for tokens under 16 major networks. In addition, we are continuing to integrate more chains to provide users with wider options for staking and managing their assets.

To stake an asset, simply select the token of choice input the amount you want to stake and tap confirm to delegate your cryptocurrency to the staking node. If the node successfully creates a block, the validator receives a reward and shares this reward with the delegator.

Some chains require delegators to claim rewards manually, while others automatically add the reward to your staked balance.

Learn about staking on specific networks through our staking guides.


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