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Last updated on May 5, 2022

How is Steakwallet different from other wallets?

✅  Mobile First & Multi-Chain Our mobile wallet allows you to stake across all major blockchains so you don’t have to get a different wallet for every blockchain.  ✅  Easy to Use Forget the complex workflows of delegation, rewards claiming, or minting. At Steakwallet, we automate every step possible to make staking as easy as 1 2 3. Steakwallet only works with the most trusted and reliable validators so you can relax and enjoy your juicy returns 🥩 ! ✅  Your Keys = Your Crypto Steakwallet is non-custodial and gives you full ownership over your own keys. This means that only you can access your wallet. You are in full control of your crypto.

How do I contact Steakwallet support?

Contact or ping us on our Discord #support channel for more immediate access.

Can I get any information on the team? Why are all team members pseudonymous?

Like many teams in the Web3 space, some of our team members prefer to keep a pseudonymous identity for privacy and security reasons :)

Our communications team loves interacting with the Steakwallet community on Discord and Twitter. Come say hi! 🥩

Can I connect to Steakwallet via deeplink?

Steakwallet supports both WalletConnect V1 and V2.

Deep link URL: steakwallet://

Universal link URL:

We fully comply to the WC spec. As long as you are using a library like Web3Modal, you will be able to connect to Steakwallet.


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