Staking Your Assets

Here you can learn how to stake your assets utilizing Steakwallet’s signature three-click staking mechanism.

Last updated on May 5, 2022

Learn to stake your assets using Steakwallet’s signature three-click staking mechanism.

Steakwallet’s signature one-click staking mechanism makes maximizing your staking rewards as easy as possible.

To stake your assets:

  1. Navigate to your portfolio on the splash screen and scroll through the list of available assets.
  1. Select the asset you wish to stake. We will use $JUNO for this example.
  1. You will see the staking interface for $JUNO.
  1. Select Receive to pull up your wallet address. You will send your $JUNO funds to this address
  1. After you have funded your wallet with $JUNO, head back to the staking interface and select Stake.
  1. Enter the amount of $JUNO you wish to stake.
      • Important: Leave some $JUNO for delegating and un-delegating fees.
  1. Tap Preview Stake.
  1. Confirm your stake.

Congratulations, you have successfully staked your asset using Steakwallet!

When you tap on your asset, you will be able to view the following information:

  • Amount of fund staked
  • Amount remaining in your unstaked balance
  • Key asset staking information

Keep in mind that for some protocols, you need to manually claim your staking rewards - e.g. $JUNO. Upon manually claiming staking rewards, you can either re-stake your funds or leave them unstaked.

For more detailed staking guides for each asset supported by Steakwallet, visit the Earning Rewards section of our Support page.


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