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Which assets can I stake through Steakwallet?

Last updated on May 5, 2022

Steakwalletโ€™s signature unified 3-click staking mechanism makes it as easy as possible for users to start earning yield on their assets. Users can currently natively stake the following assets through the wallet:

  • Akash ($AKT)
  • Avalanche ($AVAX) ($sAVAX via Benqi)
  • Celo ($CELO)
  • Cosmos ($ATOM)
  • Ethereum ($ETH via Lido)
  • The Graph ($GRT)
  • Juno ($JUNO)
  • Kava ($KAVA)
  • NEAR ($NEAR)
  • Osmosis ($OSMO)
  • Solana ($SOL)
  • Stargaze ($STARS)
  • Sushi ($SUSHI)
  • Terra ($LUNA)
  • Terra ($aUST deposit)

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